Recycling and sustainability are a cornerstone of One Tribes principles. One Tribe always aims to choose sustainable materials and locally sourced products, thus dramatically reducing One Tribes impact on the environment.

Recycling bins are dotted around the site to contribute to keeping the castle grounds in pristine condition, hence leaving no trace.

Reusable ‘eco cups’ are used to cut down on plastic waste at the bars and stalls and local beers, wines and spirits to wrap and warp your tastebuds.

One Tribe encourages the use of coaches / minibus tickets, or lift share programmes.

All toilets on site are compost toilets. Composting toilets treat human poo using biological processes, turning it into organic compost material that can be used to fertilise the soil. They are small-scale, complete waste processing systems. They typically break down waste material to a small percentage of its original volume.