Audio Farm presents One Tribe Festival is a Non Profit, anti-corporate, fundraising roots festival in which all profits goes towards UK registered charity, Green Paw Project (UK Charity Registration Number 1166316). 100% of the shares of One Tribe Festival Ltd are owned by Green Paw Project, therefore the directors and organisers receive no profits.

As we are a non-profit fundraising charity event, all ticket money income has no Vat implications. Meaning 100% of ticket money goes towards the event running’s with all the remaining profits being given to Green Paw Project, with no Corporation Tax involved.

We are aiming to raise £50,000 for Green Paw Project. The £50,000 will fund a project that starts in Malawi in September 2017. A project for a charity that the Audio Farm / One Tribe Festival team are founders of, and are project managing. The money fundraised will be used to build an animal wildlife sanctuary to help rescue and rehabilitate wildlife such as leopards, monkeys, antelopes etc. The project will also aid in the fight against the poaching animals like elephants through front line defense work in the National Parks.

The One Tribe Festival ethos is that we are all ‘One’. Our ethos is replicated throughout the festival’s financial structure by implementing our Charity Financial Fairness System.

We believe in equality amongst everyone involved in this event, including us the organisers.

How the system will work

  1. The organisers of One Tribe Festival agree on a fee for a services / equipment
  2. We can guarantee 50% of a fee is paid
  3. Live Ticket sales and Profit and Loss Forecasts will be available upon request
  4. Depending on the number of ticket sales we sell, anything from 50% to 130% of the agreed fee will be paid
  5. The remaining profits will go towards Green Paw Project Charity

In this revolutionary anti-corporate festival financial system, we must all work together as ‘One Tribe’. So, we ask for everyone that is involved to join our unity.

Any queries about this please get in touch and we will be happy to explain further and a full financial forecast and expenditures can be given on request.

EG of system

  1. We sell the 1900 weekend tickets
  2. The fee of £1000 is agreed
  3. You will receive an extra 30%, therefore an extra £300 = £1300 in total