We're just around the corner from the start of the festival calendar, with many of us chomping at the bit, itching to get outside for a bit of a rave-up in a field or even a local park with a mini rig and a bottle of Buckfast.
Well, to make these symptoms even worse we've been asking some of the artists on our bill what their favourite festival tracks are and why they're so special.
We've been happy and surprised at some of the results:

Ste Chesters (Audio Farm Festival)
"One of my fav tunes at the festival of all time is when Carl Craig dropped Gypsy Woman in 2018 on the Sundance stage. I was sorting some staffing at the stage and as soon as I heard it, I ran from the situation and raved in the sun. Magic

Mark Archer (Altern8)
“It’s just one of those tracks that’s passed down well through the past couple of decades, it’s a beast of a track and a brilliant sing-a-long track that is a perfect set closer”.

Steevio (Freerotation)
“I can't remember how many times I lay on my back with my eyes closed in a chillout tent at some festy or another, coming down from a night of hedonistic fun x”

High Hoops "Picked this beast up in a wicked shop in Marseille late last year. So many things we love about this track from the heavy acid tinges to the tripped-out goa trance-like vocals. Absolute killer”

Aloona (Ministry Of Sound).
“Every time I hear it I am transfixed by this beautiful rousing blend of Indian drums, orchestral harmonies, and electronica. Perfect to welcome the start of a festival day”

Blasha & Allatt (Meat Free)
"Give me a UK raver worth their salt that doesn't get excited when this comes on! Absolute classic! We went through of a phase playing this out loads about a year ago, but still bangs each and every time"

Sam Watson (Freerotation)
This track for me sums up everything I love about techno. It has purpose, progression, melody, depth, drive, darkness and beauty and takes you to a place where you step out of reality. If played anywhere especially a festival it's the kind of track to lose yourself in.

Many thanks to everyone that contributed to the cause.
You can catch these talented performers over the course of the weekend, be on the lookout for the line ups and full stage guides that will be released shortly.
In the meantime you can check out the blog for more features, articles and mixes from festivals past.


There’s a lot to be said about our first featured headliner, KiNK. Whether it be his unique, energy-filled performances on his ever-changing hybrid set up, his ingenious production methods or his actual varied and deeply original footprint on the house and techno sound.
So, as far as I’m aware from videos on his Facebook page, KiNK lives in some sort of Wonka type paradise in Sofia
that’s crammed with every type of drum machine and sampler a producer can imagine.
In my experience bar a few exceptions, gear hoarding like that often comes paired with an interesting and varied back catalogue.
Now, KiNK’s musical history dates to 2006 and almost everything he’s done stands out as absolute quality, so one’s perspective in what stands out as a highlight in his back catalogue may be different to someone else’s.

Handmade (Featuring Rachel Row)
Kink’s maiden outing on Amsterdam’s hallowed imprint,Rush Hour has a very organic feel to it that compliments that label so perfectly and there’s a very good reason why in an incredible ‘making of’ video

See, this is a signature KiNK sound. Absolute piano screamers for the floor.
Taken from the b side of his 'Rachel' E.P on Josh Wink's acclaimed 'Ovum' label in 2010, it seems to pave the way for many of the future work outs for the man.

Rave Signal
Rave Signal smashed into clubs around 2012 with it's fire alarm square wave stabs and break cut up that seem to be lifted right from an Altern8 record. KiNK shows off off his love for jungle and proto-hardcore sounds that continue to weave through his musical DNA.

Unit 2 - Sunshine (KiNK Remix)
The 1992 Underground Resistance classic got a huge 2017 remake ahead of the reissue on Running Back

This melodic charger keeps building and building. There's nothing not to love about it.

Valentines Groove
This low down Rhodesy work out on Clone's Royal Oak sublabel takes KiNK on a deviation from much of his body of work, some might say this has an echo of Motor City Drum Ensemble, but it's just another string to his bow.

This 90s house flavour is simple yet so addictive, as is the case with many of KiNK's work.

If you've got a favourite kiNK construction, then please feel to share it in the comments section on our social media channels where you see this post.
You can also get acquainted with some exclusive music of sets recorded from our previous events on our SOUNDCLOUD page


We could sit here all day and talk about how animal agriculture is one of the leading causes of climate change, or the horrific practices of the dairy farming industry... But we thought we would focus on the positives of how Audio Farm Festival aims to lower its carbon footprint, and to contribute to the improvement of animal welfare and planet saving:

Audio Farm Festival has always ran as a non profit, non corporate, fundraising roots festival in which all profits made are donated to UK and Malawi animal and environmental charity, Green Paw Project.

By the end of 2020 we aim to raise a further £10,000. This will contribute to donations already generated by our previous events and festivals to aid in the research and development of 'Mission Malawi'. Over the next few years the objective of Mission Malawi is to build an animal wildlife facility, plant 1000s of new tree seedlings, and protect established trees and forests. All helping protect the world’s most ancient and delicate ecosystem in these uncertain times.

Proudly, since 2015 all Audio Farm events and festivals have been vegan. Making certain that all of our food traders share not only our plant-based ethos, but our vegan ethos. We believe that plant-based food doesn't have to bland or boring, it can be an explosive colour of dishes from across the globe, using organic and ethically sourced produce. This also applies to our non food traders. Who supply a variety of creative, handmade wares. Using only sustainably sourced, vegan materials. All alcohol served on site is also vegan. We also don't allow plastic bottles or cutlery on site. All cutlery is reusable or biodegradable.

Regardless of your dietary preferences or beliefs, we invite you to open your mind and hearts to what Audio Farm Festival has to offer. As we use our platform to spread seeds of positive change, prepare for a magical weekend surrounded by like-minded festival friends.

More info on Audio Farm Festival Environmental Policies will be published over the coming months via One Tribe News https://www.onetribefestival.org/news/

One Love, One Tribe



An unfortunate trait of UK festival culture is the mass amount of waste it produces. Every year we strive to dramatically improve our contribution to this.

What we're proud to have achieved so far -

  • In 2017 we introduced our re-usable Audio Farm Festival pint cups.
  • We removed single use plastic bottles from site.
  • All our food traders now use compostable plates and cutlery.
  • All our produce is ethically sourced and vegan.
  • We Introduced our bio-degradable glitter tent.

This year we're kindly asking for your help to eliminate festival waste and say no to single use!!

  • Bring re-usable water bottles - we have plenty of water points on site.
  • If you have one, bring your Audio Farm Festival pint cup.
  • Think consciously when bringing food and drinks into the festival.
  • Take your tent home.

One Love, One Tribe x





It feels good to be finally back at the One Tribe news desk and it’s already it feeling like we never left.
According to my most recent calendar, it’s a new year and what an exciting year 2020 shaping up to be with September’s Festival lineup being one of the most in-depth and diverse with talent across the music landscape.
I know there’ll be many musically inclined that saw the line-up and lost their minds and well done to you lot.
But, I thought it’d be nice to have a go-to A-Z guide of all our fabulous acts just in case you may have missed something and regret after the festival. It's the philanthropist in me.
Also, this can be used as a guide for those around you that weren't as animated as you might have expected from phase one announcement. The ones that had blank faces while you yelled what were essentially random words at them whilst maniacally swinging off the light bulb; “What’s a Prosumer” and “don't Kink at me”. The latter may see you end up in human resources.
Between now and the time comes to open the festival gates we'll be doing more featurettes like these including interviews, mixes, and playlists from the artists, promoters, and DJs that will be with us over that weekend.
Now that we’ve got the prologue out the way, let's see what we’ve got on the board so far.

We start with Age Of Glass. A slick grooved Manchester band that has played every festival that our crew has put on.
I would be struggling to coin a sentence better than the one on their Facebook page
“The bastard triplet of Björk and Joe Strummer, they will make you dance with your hands in the air like you just don’t care.”

The Ministry Of Sound regular made her festival debut for us on a hazy Saturday summer morning with a refreshing collection of jazz-step and artcore.

One of the most genre-pushing selectors, not only in Manchester but on the musical map asa whole. We’ve proudly supported Annabel Fraser since we’ve started the festival, with her set at the Audio Farm Festival at The Workhouse way back in 2013
Her continued commitment to deep dive crate digging and procurement of interesting and rare beats from across the musical spectrum has earned Annabel pride of place at events from Pikes Hotel to The White Hotel and turning heads/warping minds at her residency on NTS

The UK techno machine that’s been one of the biggest flag-wavers for the scene for some decades now. He’s Ben Sims. What more do you want me to say?

You can expect absolute screamers from the word go from the techno talisman team.
They’re a rallying war cry for the roaring underground in Manchester with clinical turntable precision and world-class meme game.
This is from a rowdy room 3 at Freerotation that many of us here were losing stones to.

As a DJ his focus is on the deep, the experimental and the musical. Drawing on his wealth of experience in both Drum & Bass and 4x4 based genres, he joins these styles together in a mesmerising weave, defying genre and categorisation, that cements his reputation as one of the most respected artists in the scene today.

Less representative of a DJ set, this track from the band I’ve loved for many years. Crazy P’s disco tinged elements are always on show, whether fronted by Danielle Moore’s shape throwing performance or the heads down disco in some of their DJ sets, the same quality is apparent.

He’s continues to pave his own path since this 90’s radioactive firestorm, Henry being one of the highlights of the 2017 Audio Farm Festival event where he closed the Forest Stage with a tour de force of clinical pneumatic techno. A must see for all the stompers out there.

Those who like their Hop Tripped will be lazing around the couch with excitement at the announcement of DJ Food
Ninja Tune darlings and pioneers of that slack, lo fi grooves will be on hand for the perfect hazy summer afternoon.

Liquid lyricist MC DRS is back with us once again. First thing I’d ever heard him on was an outstanding yet tricky time signature track from Blame called 360 Click alongside Conrad. I did have a look for it but couldn’t find it. It’s on Logical Progression 2 if you want to dig it out.
In terms of more recent effort, here’s him painting lyrics over the legendary and never forgotten Marcus Intalex

Here’s Nikki AKA Euphonic. The fearsome midlands Drum & Bass ambassador.
I’m going to let her music speak for itself. Check out a set made purely from her own work.

Hailing from Manchester, UK, Gina Breeze is a driven, passionate and charismatic DJ and producer with a unique approach to her blend of house music, tech and experimental electronica..


The DON’T and Super Rhythm Trax head honcho is arguably one of the most versatile DJ’s to walk the planet, Jerome sits in his own personal gravity that straddles techno, acid and rave all etched together with hip hop and electro sensibilities. His DJ sets are always guaranteed to blow the roof off wherever he is.

The unprecidented force of nature in KiNK is astounding. Unautordox to the core, Kink blends house techno and Jungle sounds together in a very unique approach to performance, triggering sounds and jamming on the fly with an ever changing kit list and an attitude fixated on crowd enjoyment.

There's a certain amount of romance around the the name Krysko for generations of club goers across the decades.
Many of the most legendary events over the years from his Sankey Soap tenure in the early late 90's into the early millenuim, through to the decade and a half reign of the Warehouse Project, we'd have all seen the name Krysko on various seminal posters on walls off Oxford Road or a flyer in Eastern Bloc. It's with good reason that his name has stood the test of time with impeccable taste, great feeling for the floor and passion for what he does.Long live Krysko. Manchester's resident DJ.

Long time Freerotation resident. Leah has a keen ear for haptic rhythms in her eloquently programmed sets. Techno from the forefront at its best.

Roundly viewed as the godfather of liquid. That's incredibly reductive. Bukem is a rare entity on the dancefloor that's changed the conversation so many times. From Demons Theme, to Atlantis (I Need You) and most importantly in my eyes 'Horizons'. This mix is a fair representation of what to expect with the D&B Don.

Manchester's Metrodome is possibly the most standalone artist on the bill. His music is unique, forging bass, forwardthinking drum programming and melodic sound design and twisting it into something wholley new, yet relatable in the molds of modern day bass music. That or I'm talking nonsense and this party starter mix is much more about it. The truth is somewhere in between.

Mobius Loop have been low key and in some cases high-key moments at our festivals over the years. Their fun and often thought provoking music has been a welcome addition and always seem to bring something new to the table.
After a good while of trawling through footage, I finally settled on this clip from our friends over at Kendal Calling asit's the most evocative of their festival presence.

Mungo’s Hi Fi are a soundsystem and music production collective based in Glasgow, Scotland. They produce and play music which blends Jamaican influence with contemporary bass music, resulting in a unique take on Ska, Reggae, Dancehall and Dubstep that has made them firm favourites in the underground music scene.

The big bear of house music is heading over to lovingly mawl uswith one of the most comprehensive vocabularies of house and disco around. Here's him in one of the most iconic Boiler Rooms of all time.

Personally, one of my favourite mixes from one of the most influential names in Manchester's underground. His mariana trench level knowlwedge of multigenre evolution is eye-watering. His night Hit & Run aftermore than a decade is more impressive and that's before we even get to Levelz and Rich's strong ethic and community work. Layers and layers to this guy!|

Sam is a tuned in techno DJ with decades of experience on the turntables, holding court at Freerotation every year as well as for the Audio Farm, Onetribe and Festival No 6.

Since their emergence in 2006, SpectraSoul have carved a truly unique position, not only in Drum & Bass, but electronic music as a whole. Having released music on only the very finest and most respected labels in the scene. Goldie's Metaheadz

Over the last few years, Leeds' based klezmer/Balkan beats/gypsy jazz bohemians Tantz have taken the UK world/roots music scene apart with their full-on musical attack on audiences across the length and breadth of this nation.

It's so nice to see these two together. Watch this space as two of techno's finest geared minds throw down this September.

Will Tramp is a firm favourite over this way, crossing paths with him at his residency at Homoelectric, The End Of Year Riot, Parklife and anywhere else a good cross section of house, disco and party anthems are needed, sewn together with some hands-in-the-air accapellas are needed.

The man about 'Neighbourhood' is famed for his garage footprint but he switches styles through his set like tapas. It's truly a bit of an honour to finally have the man down to One Tribe.

If that isn't enough music for you then be sure to check out our Soundcloud account where we've got a bunch of exclusive sets from the likes of Special Request, DJ Sneak and many more.