The Best Live Tribal Music Ever..... Wild Marmalade

Wild Marmalade (Live) will be playing on Sunday 6th August 2017 on the Mandala Stage at Audio Farm presents Audio Farm Festival 2017
***3rd to 8th Aug 2017***
*** Enjoy their gig at The Sacred Fire Stage at Boom Festival***

Wild Marmalade are a formidable force in world dance music, fusing the modern high energy of breakbeat electronica with the ancient indigenous Australian sounds, into a fantastically original antipodean audio assault that turns heads, melt hearts and moves feet all over the globe.

Breaking out from the postcard beauty that is the Aussie town of Byron Bay, Si Mullumby and Matt Goodwin have carved a career path that is as incredible as it is unique, working with Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas and Montreal, touring Japan and Europe twelve times, the USA and of course in their home country Australia.
The latter has seen them in live collaborations with the mighty Dub FX, not to mention their astronomically enviable appearances at the Sydney Opera House.

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One Tribe is more than a Festival, it’s an immersive cocoon of energy that radiates outward through the beautiful backdrop of the Cholmondeley Castle Estate in Cheshire. Audio Farm Festival is a constant swell of sights, sounds and tactile pleasures over a 5 day fusion of music, arts and culture that’s been lovingly curated to transcend age, gender and break down barriers to provide an indelible mark of positivity and change.

Fuelled by a devoted community that builds the One Tribe microcosm, Audio Farm Festival exudes captivating vibrations from some of the world’s finest DJ’s, bands and artists from every far flung corner of earth. As the music flows through the sound systems, colouring the day and painting pictures through the night, a spectrum of circus performers, fire eaters, acrobats, artisans and drumming collectives will confound, dazzle, delight and inspire, punctuating the festival story.

One Tribe is a wealth of experiences that stimulates all the human senses. A world of possibilities. An explosion of imagination. A safe space to expand skill sets with workshops and talks.

Talented healers drenched in knowledge offer alternative treatments to rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul through holistic disciplines, massage, guided meditation, gong baths and yoga.

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