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>>>>> PHASE 2 LINE UP (MORE TBC) <<<<<<

(including live bands of the Mandala Stage, acoustic acts of The Nest, and the psychedelic DJs of The Trip)

>>>>> SUMMARY <<<<<<

:: 1500 PEOPLE ::

>>>>> ABOUT <<<<<<

As One Tribe Festival takes a fallow year, Audio Farm keeps to its evolving nomadic roots and reopens the gates under the original alias of Audio Farm Festival.

2017 saw One Tribe Festival blossom like a magical flower from its Audio Farm tree, from a seed that was planted at the first festival in 2013. So from the crew that brought you One Tribe, expect more of the same magic, music, people, energy, love, laughter and beauty, but in a more intimate space at Audio Farm Festival 2018.

The journey continues in a new and exciting venue at Shropshire’s Hopton Court. Nestled in the heart of breathtaking borderland countryside, the watercolour beauty of this Georgian country estate has uniquely stunning parklands, walled gardens, ponds and a beautiful out buildings, where Audio Farm will transform the site into a microcosm of light, sights, sounds and new experiences, etched together into a mesmeric harmony lasting over 4 days.

Audio Farm Festivals innovative stages play host to a wealth of handpicked bands, artists and DJ’s, playing a glittering array of music from all corners of our known universe. From sun kissed House beats on the Sundance Stage and clinical Techno pulses in Home of the Drum, to sporadic breaks and rattling subs in the Depths of Bass, and the psychedelic beats of The Trip. The Mandala Stage and The Nest is a galaxy of eclectic bands, world musicians, vocal acrobats and solo sirens that will take you to places both familiar and new, all interwoven with a rich tapestry of drumming collectives, circus performers and fire dancers, colouring the day and illuminating the night.

The Festival is a wealth of experiences, stimulating all the human senses and opening the portals to a world of possibilities in an explosion of imagination. A safe space to expand skill sets with progressive workshops and talks, where talented and knowledgeable healers offer alternative treatments to rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul through holistic disciplines, massage, guided meditation, gong baths, yoga and shamanic journeys.

Independent throughout, Audio Farm Festival is proudly a non-profit, non-corporate organism that funds the work of The Green Paw Project with its profits. A charity that resolutely works to save and improve the lives of helpless and vulnerable animals in third world countries.

So join the tribe again at Audio Farm Festival this summer and create indelible memories where footprints fade.

>>>>> STAGES <<<<<<

//// Home of the Drum ////

Charged, futuristic sounds and hypnotic rhythms are curated by the finest selectors and audio architects in the electronic world to make sure One Tribe’s techno engine pulses unrelentingly through the night.

//// Mandala Main Stage ////

The Mandala stage is the focal point of the One Tribe. The Mandala is said to remind us of our place in the cosmos and so to does our Mandala Stage, with a taste of some of the finest sounds from all over our precious blue marble. From Folk, Gypsy Folk, Ska, Funk, Live Electronic and vast Worldly Tribal sounds.

//// Depths of Bass ////

A body resonating spectrum of sub frequencies. From the Roots upwards, morphing through Afro Beat, Dub, Reggae, DnB, and Dubstep and the nebula of genres in between.

//// The Nest ////

DJs and live acts will provide blissed out downtempo beats and tripped out ethereal sounds, all day and night for 4 days to energise or chill out.

//// Sun Dance ////

This stage guides a musical journey through the beams of sunlight to shimmering starlight. In the light bodies gyrate as we throw our hands and get down to balearic beats and deep heat to the disco sounds from New York Streets, party anthems, soulful grooves and hazy chords that radiate good House vibrations. In the dark the story continues and the pulse gets faster with deeper House and Techno beats keeping us dancing until the light returns once again.

//// The Trip ////

Propelling you into a mind altering mantra and releasing you to transcend on a frequency free from conscious thought. DJ’s and live performances navigating you through the astral planes of psychedelic and psytrance music of other worldly audio.

//// Healing Space ////

The healing area is awash with positive energy and relaxing vibes where the mind, body and soul is replenished. Housed in the yurts and tipis of the festival, the multi talented healers for individual or group sessions offer vast alternative remedies, like Reiki, Gong Baths, Shamanic Practices, and Massage.

//// Tent of Symmetry ////

Underneath the canvas of The Tent of Symmetry you will find the tools to expand your mind, revitalize the soul and realign the body’s chakras. With a full range of therapeutic workshops including Kundalini Yoga, Guided Meditation, Shamanic Journeys, Gong Baths, Cacao Ceremonies and many other practices from ancient cultures from all over the world.

//// Speakers Keep ////

This little nook of the festival is home to an assortment of fascinating talks, debates and lectures with subjects ranging from animal welfare, philosophy and physics right the way through consciousness expansion.

**** OTHER AREAS **** Craft Workshops  Children’s Area Others  Jam – Bring your Own Instrument Land of Nod Performers Corner / Fire Area / Jamming Area Audio Farmers Market / Stall 100th Monkey Yurt – (With Healing area) Hemp Redemption  More TBC

>>>>>> LINE UP <<<<<<


“In the universe, there are things that are known, and things that are unknown, and in between, there are doors.”


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